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How to Install The Latest ‘WeeChat’ Chat Client in Ubuntu

WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, BSD, and GNU Hurd. While Ubuntu repositories only provide an old version, here’s how to install the latest WeeChat via its official repository in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 17.10, and derivatives. WeeChat Features: lightweight core with optional plugins. Full-featured IRC ...

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Disable Advertisements in Ubuntu 14.04 Dash Results

As you’ve probably already noticed, Ubuntu shows Amazon ads in Unity Dash search results. Here is the quick guide how to disable it in Ubuntu. First open System Setting on the Launcher, then click Security & Privacy. Under Search tab, turn off “When searching in the dash: Include online search results” Just so easy!

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Install Opera Clone ‘Otter Browser’ in Ubuntu 14.04

Otter Browser is a free and open-source project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5. The last update of Opera for Linux was 1 year ago, and there probably won’t be a new release. Does Opera abandon the Linux platform ? Clearly, it does! See the Hacker News. Now Otter Browser may be a good choice for Opera ...

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How to Change Display Manager in Ubuntu 14.04

Lightdm display manager

A display manager is a program that provides graphical login capabilities for the X window system. Ubuntu uses LightDM as its default display manager since Ubuntu 11.10 Unity. If you installed Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, and/or other desktops on Ubuntu, you may have multiple display manager packages on your system. However, only one display manager can manage a given X server ...

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Install The Latest Audacious Music Player in Ubuntu 14.04

Audacious Winamp classic

Audacious is an open source music player with a focus on low resource usage, high audio quality, and support for a wide range of audio formats. It is the default audio player in Lubuntu and in Ubuntu Studio. Audacious began as a fork of Beep Media Player, which itself is a fork of XMMS. Since v2.1, it includes both the ...

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Install Latest Clementine Music Player in Ubuntu 14.04

Install Clementine Ubuntu 14.04

Clementine is an Amarok 1.4 inspired music player focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music. The Ubuntu 14.04 default repositories provide Clementine 1.2.0, while the latest has reached release 1.2.3 which fixed poor search performance with sqlite 3.8 and some minor bugs. To install the latest Clementine player: use a PPA or directly download ...

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Speed Up App Launching in Ubuntu 14.04 via Preload

Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon. It monitors applications that users run, and by analyzing this data, predicts what applications users might run, and fetches those binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times. Preload will not make your system boot faster, but it obviously speed up your application launching time, especially for large program such as GIMP, ...

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Install The Latest Midori Browser in Ubuntu 14.04

This quick tutorial will show you how to install the latest release of Midori, a lightweight, fast, and free web browser, in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS. Midori is an open-source web browser that uses the WebKit rendering engine and the GTK 2/3 interface. It aligns well with the Xfce philosophy of making the most out of available resources. It is ...

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Get Classic App Launcher Via Indicator in Ubuntu 14.04

Classic Menu Indicator

Want the classic Gnome 2 style application launcher in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Unity? Well ClassicMenu-indicator is the simple applet to do so and here’s how to install it. ClassicMenu Indicator is a notification area applet (application indicator) for the top panel of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment. It provides a simple way to get a classic GNOME-style application menu for those ...

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How to Install Skype 4.2 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

install skype ubuntu 14.04

This quick tip is going to show you how to install Skype, a freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client, in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Skype for Linux is available in Canonical Partners repository since Ubuntu 12.04. Just enable that repository and install the package will bring skype in to Ubuntu desktop. 1. Enable Canonical Partners Repository: The partner repository ...

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