How to Turn Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop into DLNA Media Server


This quick tutorial shows how to easily turn your Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop into a DLNA media sever without installing anything.

DLNA, Digital Living Network Alliance, allows to stream video, music, and photo images to smart TV, game consoles, or other machines over a home network.

Ubuntu 19.10 has built-in DLNA/UPnP AV services offered by rygel package. And it can be easily enabled via System Settings utility.

1. Open System Settings from the left dock panel, then do:

  • navigate to Sharing in the left pane.
  • then turn on the toggle in the top-right corner

2. Click on ‘Media Sharing’ to open its settings window, and do:

  • You can remove one or all of the default Music,Videos, and Pictures folders, or add custom folder by scrolling down and clicking on the plus (‘+‘) button.
  • Under Networks, select streaming via wired or wireless connection.

OK now EVERYONE in the same network can access the shared media (read permission only).

For example, you can play the shared media over LAN via VLC media player by going to View > Playlist, and navigating to Universal Plug’n’Play.


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  1. thanks for tutorial

  2. How can i do this in Kubuntu 19.10?

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