KDE Plasma Desktop 5.9 Released

KDE Plasma 5.9

The KDE Plasma Desktop 5.9 was released one day ago with exciting new features. And the KDE Team announced that they will continue to provide bugfixes to Plasma 5.8 LTS.

What’s New in KDE Plasma 5.9:

  • Interactive previews to notifications.
  • Drag and drop improvements throughout the desktop.
  • Switch between windows in Task Manager using Meta + number shortcuts.
  • A new applet to group multiple widgets together in a single widget.
  • The look and feel improvements of the desktop and applications.
  • Global Menus have returned.
  • More powerful Look and Feel import & export
  • New network configuration module
  • continued working on Wayland support.

See the announcement and the below video for more:

Download & install Plasma 5.9:

Kubuntu Backports PPA still contains the 5.8.x LTS packages so far, and it can take some days to make the new release into the PPA.

For the source tarballs, grab them from the link below:

Download KDE Plasma Source

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  1. unfortunately Kubuntu backports PPA takes MONTHS to update packages