FileZilla Client 3.31.0 Released with Crash Issues Fixed


FileZilla ftp client got an update a few hours ago. By releasing FileZilla 3.31.0, a few crash issues were fixed and a new feature was added.

Changes in FileZilla 3.31.0 include:

  • Allow trusting all subject alternative names (SAN) in a certificate if the current hostname matches the certificate
  • OS X: Fix file lists becoming inresponsive when a file rename edit box is discarded by clicking to the right of the last column in the file list
  • Fix rare crash during directory removal
  • Fix rare crash in the transfer queue

How to Install FileZilla 3.31.0 in Ubuntu:

Due to requirement of most recent Gnome platform, it’s not easy to install it in current Ubuntu releases via traditional packages.

Non-install (extract and run executable from bin directory) Linux tarballs are available for download at:

Download FileZilla Client

However, you need to manually install some required libraries to run the executable.

As an alternative, you can install the latest FileZilla via Flatpak, an universal Linux package.

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