How to Reset Ubuntu to Its Original State via Resetter


Resetter is a new application designed to easily reset Ubuntu and/or Linux Mint to its original state with a few clicks.

It is an application built with python and pyqt that will help to reset an Ubuntu or Linux-Mint system to stock, as if it’s been just installed without having to manually re-install by using a live cd/dvd image. It will detect packages that have been installed after the initial system install.

The software provides two options. “Automatic Reset” will reset your Ubuntu/Linux Mint to its factory defaults. Human users accounts will be also removed. Click the option pops up a confirm dialog to double-check your decision.


There’s also a “Custom Reset” option that provides a step by step wizard to choose apps, old kernels, and users to remove.

Download / Install Resetter:

The software is currently in its early beta stage. Do not install it on production machines and use it at your own risk!

Download the .deb package in the project page from the link below:

Resetter on Github

Then double click install the deb via Ubuntu Software or Gdebi.

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