Firefox 54.0 Released! Now Run The Browser In Multiple Processes

firefox-logoMozilla Firefox 54.0 was release on this Tuesday. It’s the first release to run Firefox using multiple processes for web page content, making Firefox faster and more stable than ever.

Firefox 54.0 Features:

  • Added Burmese (my) locale
  • Added support for multiple content processes (e10s-multi)
  • Simplified the download button and download status panel
  • Various security fixes
  • Moved the mobile bookmarks folder to the main bookmarks menu for easier access
  • Additional changes for web developers
  • Added ability to create and save custom devices in Responsive Design Mode

How to Upgrade Firefox in Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is publishing the latest Firefox release packages through the security & updates repositories.

Make sure you enabled the repositories via Software & Updates utility.

updates security repo

Depends on the building process, there may be a time delay for publishing Firefox 54.0. Check the launchpad build page.

Once the new packages are well tested and published, you’ll receive the updates via Software Updater:

upgrade firefox via update manager

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