Open Source Vector Drawing Software Inkscape 0.92 Released


Inkscape, a free and open-source vector graphics editor, has reached the 0.92 release a few days ago with exciting new features.

The Inkscape project announces a new version 0.92 of its popular vector drawing software. New features include mesh gradients, improved SVG2 and CSS3 support, new path effects, interactive smoothing for the pencil tool, a new Object dialog for directly managing all drawing elements, and much more. Infrastructural changes are also under way, including a switch to CMake from the venerable Autotools build system.

New features in Inkscape 0.92:

  • Mesh gradients – a powerful tool enabling artists to more easily create photo-realistic drawings
  • improved SVG2 and CSS3 support
  • Live Path Effects
  • interactive smoothing for the pencil tool
  • a new Object dialog for directly managing all drawing elements
  • default resolution changed from 90dpi to 96dpi
  • change to CMake build system.
  • and much more. See here for details.

How to Install Inkscape 0.92 in Ubuntu 16.04:

Inkscape offers an official Ubuntu PPA, at the moment it contains version 0.91.

Inkscape 0.92 now is available as snap package, and below is how to install it in Ubuntu 16.04 and higher:

1. First if you have an old version installed, remove it via Ubuntu Software or use the command below to avoid conflict:

sudo apt remove inkscape && sudo apt autoremove

2. Install snapd if it’s not yet installed via command:

sudo apt install snapd

3. And finally download & install the inkscape package via command:

sudo snap install inkscape

The commands in step 2 and 3 can be combined with ‘&&’, so it looks like:

install inkscape snap

Once installed, launch the software from Unity Dash / App Launcher and enjoy!

Uninstall Inkscape snap package:

To remove the snap package of Inkscape, either use Ubuntu Software App or run the command below in terminal:

sudo snap remove inkscape

That’s it.