Install Canon IJ Printer Driver, ScanGear MP in Ubuntu 16.04

Canon Printer Scanner Driver

While Canon currently only provides Linux drivers for the PIXMA products, other printer and scanner series Linux drivers are still maintained by the community. And here’s how to install the Canon IJ printer driver and SanGear MP in Ubuntu 16.04 via PPA.

Supported devices:

  • bjf9000, bjf900, bjs300, bjs500, bjs700 series
  • e500, e510, e600, e610 series
  • i250, i255, i550, i560, i850, i860, i950, i990 series
  • ip100, ip1800, ip1900, ip2200, ip2500, ip2600, ip2700, ip3000, ip3300, ip3500, ip3600, ip4000, ip4200, ip4300, ip4500, ip4600, ip4700, ip4800, ip4900, ip5000, ip5200, ip6600, ip7200, ip7500, ip8500, ip90 series
  • ix6500 series
  • mg2100, mg2200, mg3100, mg3200, mg4100, mg4200, mg5100, mg5200, mg5300, mg5400, mg6100, mg6200, mg6300, mg8100, mg8200 series.
  • mp140, mp160, mp190, mp210, mp230, mp240, mp250, mp270, mp280, mp490, mp495, mp500, mp510, mp520, mp540, mp550, mp560, mp600, mp610, mp620, mp630, mp640, mp750, mp780 series.
  • mx320, mx330, mx340, mx350, mx360, mx370, mx390, mx410, mx420, mx430, mx450, mx510, mx520, mx710, mx720, mx860, mx870, mx880, mx890, mx920 series.
  • pixmaip1000, pixmaip1500 series.
  • pixus250, pixus255, pixus550, pixus560, pixus850, pixus860, pixus950, pixus990 series
  • pixusip3100, pixusip4100, pixusip8600 series

How to install Canon printer scanner drivers in Ubuntu 16.04:

1. Add PPA

Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inameiname/stable

Type in your password when prompts, read the PPA description and hit Enter.

Canon printer driver PPA

2. After adding the PPA, launch Synaptic Package Manager (install it in Ubuntu Software) and install the driver packages via:

  • click Reload button to update package index
  • click Search and search for cndrvcups, cnijfilter, and scangearmp.
  • right-click and mark the packages you want to install
  • finally click Apply to start installing the driver packages.

Install the cndrvcups-common, scangearmp, and cnijfilter packages one by one that matches your device series:

Canon Printer Common Canon ScanGear MP Canon IJ Printer Driver

Finally restart your computer, connect your Canon device and launch Printers and/or Simple Scan utilities to test if it works.

3. (Optional) If everything goes OK, for choice you may finally remove the PPA via Software & Updates utility.

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  • User_1

    Hello and thanks for posting this up. I’m having trouble with this cause my partition is 64 bits and some of these drivers are not available for it. For reference, I’m trying to get drivers for a my MX330 printer and I’m using 16.04.

    I’ll give this another shot.

  • parth deshpande

    Hi I Want To Add Canon G Series But There Is no option please help

  • juntjoo

    “click Search and search for cndrvcups, cnijfilter, and scangearmp.
    right-click and mark the packages you want to install”

    you tell me, this is your how-to guide. i’ll assume i’m supposed to install these three. hope I’m right…

    • Kyle Bateman

      same exact problem. sick of messing with it, at this point. going to try xsane.

  • merill0

    Sorry the PPA so far does not support Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety. However, you can try:

    1. go to System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Other Software tab.
    2. highlight the PPA line, and click Edit.
    3. change the Distribution from yakkety to xenial.

    Finally relaunch Synaptic Package Manager and install the driver.

    If it does not work for you, you can remove the PPA via Software & Updates by highlighting the line in Other Software tab and click Remove.