VLC 3.0.10 Released with SMB2 / 3, Improved DVD Support

The VideoLAN team announced the release of VLC media player 3.0.10 a few days ago. They skipped version 3.0.9 and marked VLC 3.0.10 as the ninth update of “Vetinari”.

Release highlights in VLC 3.0.10 include:

  • Multiple DVD fixes & improvements
  • Better adaptive streaming support
  • Fix video rendering on macOS
  • Various MP4 improvements
  • Add libsmb2 support for SMB2/3 shares
  • Fix security issues notably various DOSes in the microDNS service discovery
  • Better macOS Catalina support
Enable DVD Playback for VLC

Install VLC media player in Ubuntu:

VLC is available to install in Ubuntu via three different ways, though they are all not updated at the moment of writing.

1. Native .deb package can be installed by running command in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo apt install vlc

2. VLC Snap package, which runs in sandbox, is available at:

VLC Snap

3. VLC Flatpak package, also runs in sandbox, is available at:

VLC Flatpak

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