Sublime Text 3.1 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu 18.04


Sublime Text source code editor 3.1 was released a day ago lots of improvements for high DPI support.

Sublime Text 3.1 release highlights:

  • Windows 10/8.1 per-monitor DPI settings for handling mixed monitor configurations and on-the-fly DPI switching
  • Lots of improvements for high DPI support on all platforms, including 8k monitor and @3x texture support
  • Ligature support, with controls for customizing OpenType features and stylistic sets
  • Improved text rendering on Windows, now respecting ClearType tuning
  • Better handling of emojis in the editor control
  • A new color scheme format based on JSON
  • Improved selection rendering with expanded customization via color schemes
  • Syntax definitions for Git file formats to allow Sublime Text to be a better core.editor
  • Highlighting of fenced code blocks in Markdown
  • Lots of TC39-track features have been added to the JavaScript syntax
  • Goto References to augment Goto Definition
  • An improved Command Palette that can accept arbitrary user input and complex interactions
  • Expanded options for filtering files and folders from the sidebar
  • Improved handling of filesystem notifications and symlinks
  • Significantly improved memory usage – up to 30% in some cases
  • Lots of little performance improvements and bug fixes

How to Install Sumlime Text 3.1 in Ubuntu:

For Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10, and Ubuntu 18.04, you can easily install Sublime Text 3.1 (build 3170) via Ubuntu Software:


This is a snap (universal Linux package format) package maintained by the community.

For those who dislike the snap package, and you can install Sublime Text 3 from its official apt repository by reading this tutorial.

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