How to Install Grub Customizer in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

For those who need to modify the default Grub boot-loader settings, Grub Customizer is a useful tool with a graphical user interface.

With grub customizer, you can:

  • Rearrange, add, remove, rename boot menu entries.
  • Hide or show boot menu while starting up.
  • Change the default boot entry.
  • Edit kernel parameters.
  • Change the time delay to boot the default entry.
  • Change text colors and screen background image.
  • Reinstall Grub boot-loader into Windows MBR.
grub-menu-order grub-general grub-appearance

To install Grub Customizer in Ubuntu:

The software has an official PPA repository contains the packages for all current Ubuntu releases.

1. Open terminal either via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for ‘terminal’ from app launcher. When it opens, run command to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer

Input your password (no visual feedback while typing) when it prompts and hit Enter to continue.


2. After added the PPA, run commands one by one to refresh package cache and install Grub Customizer:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

Once installed, launch the software from your application launcher and enjoy!


To remove the software, run command in terminal:

sudo apt-get remove --autoremove grub-customizer

And you can remove PPAs via Software & Updates utility under ‘Other Software’ tab.

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  1. I am using a dual operating system and using grub customizer can i get two icon of ubuntu and windows to select the operating system when i power on my lapi and got to it…. can u hep me how to make it

  2. Hey ml you can just skip the aptitude update – its new in 18.xx when adding PPA 😉

  3. This new version does NOT list the other operating systems that are installed on my system, ONLY Ubuntu.

    • Sometimes if you have problems that grub-customizer does not see the other OS such as Windows, then you could try going to “File” and choose “Install to MBR” and in the “General Settings” tab make sure that “look for other operating systems” is checked.

  4. Thanks for this help……

  5. Thank you very much for your help. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and its instructions worked perfectly.

  6. Just started used this to rename two systems and now cannot boot either.
    Error load herbal first.

  7. İt’s working. Thank you very much.

  8. hi, and how to install without repository?

  9. Thank you! It worked.