Gnome Photo Manager Shotwell 0.27.3 Released

Shotwell Photo Manager

Gnome photo management software, Shotwell 0.27.3, was released hours ago with improvements and some bug-fixes.

Changes in Shotwell 0.27.3 include:

  • Fix upgrading from Shotwell 0.7.2
  • Make Histogram widget accessible by keyboard
  • Add F4 as shortcut for the Date/Time dialog
  • Fix an issue where the date/time picker was out-of-sync with the calendar widget
  • Refactor shotwell.ui into smaller ui files and make some of thedialogs templated
  • Rewrite saved search dialog to use GtkListBox
  • Add a very simple Piwigo server to do offline testing
  • Add labels to sliders in adjustment tool
  • Fix issue where Shotwell would fall back to the internal developer if the RAW+JPEG pair did not contain an embedded development in the RAW files
  • Fix showing the help when running from build folder
  • Fix issue with linking the plugin interfaces multiple times
  • Fix install location for appdata
Shotwell Photo Manager

Download / Install Shotwell:

The source tarball is available for download at the github project page.

Shotwell has Stable PPA and unstable PPA that contain the latest binary packages for Ubuntu, though the 0.27.3 is not available at the moment because the Launchpad build farm is disabled pending maintenance.

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