MPV Reached 0.28 Release with Vulkan Support


MPV video player reached the 0.28.0 release recently. Due to major refactoring, it requires FFmpeg >= 3.4.

New Features added in MPV 0.28:

  • Add DRM_PRIME Format Handling and Display for RockChip MPP decoders
  • Add support for Display P3 primaries
  • support multiple seekable cached ranges, display cache ranges on OSC
  • demux_playlist: support .url files
  • dvb: Add multiple frontends support (up to 8)
  • dvb: implement parsing of modulation for VDR-style channels config
  • hwdec: add mediacodec hardware decoder for IMGFMT_MEDIACODEC frames, rename mediacodec to mediacodec-copy
  • lua: integrate stats.lua script (bound to i/I by default)
  • add support for nvdec hwaccel
  • add android opengl backend
  • initial d3d11 support
  • vulkan support


Install MPV 0.28.0 in Ubuntu:

Due to outdated FFmpeg libraries in all current Ubuntu releases, there’s no easy way to install MPV 0.28.0 at the moment.

You may keep an eye on Doug McMahon’s PPA who’s maintaining MPV packages for Ubuntu.

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