Matroska tools MKVToolNix 17.0.0 Released (How to Install)

Mkvmerge GUI

MKVToolNix 17.0.0 “Be Ur Friend”, a new release of the free and open source Matroska libraries and tools, was release yesterday with new features, enhancements, and various bug-fixes.

MKVToolNix 17.0.0 release highlights:

  • The word “timecode” has been changed to “timestamp” everywhere it was used in MKVToolNix.
  • mkvextract’s command line interface has been changed to allow extraction of multiple items at the same time.
  • mkvmerge: AC-3: during identification regular AC-3 and E-AC-3 tracks will now be identified differently for most container formats (exception: AVI, Real Media, Ogg/OGM).
  • mkvextract: the command line interface has been changed to allow extraction of multiple items at the same time.
  • fixed AC-3 being misdetected as encrypted MPEG program streams under certain conditions.
  • Fix that under certain conditions mkvmerge was always setting the pixel width & height to 123.
  • fixed calculating the duration of entries starting with at a negative timestamp.
  • And see the release note for more details.

How to Install MKVToolNix 17.0.0 in Ubuntu:

For Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04, and their derivatives, you can install the 17.0.0 release via the official MKVToolNix repository by doing following steps.

1. Open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T and run command to add the repository for Ubuntu 16.04, Linux Mint 18.x:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mkvtoolnix.list'

Replace xenial in the code with zesty for Ubuntu 17.04. And input your password when it prompts and hit Enter.


2. If you have a previous release installed, upgrade the software via Software Updater utility:

upgrade mkvtoolnix

Or run commands to install or upgrade the software packages:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install mkvtoolnix-gui

Uninstall MKVToolNix:

To remove the software repository, launch Software & Updates utility and navigate to Other Software tab.

To remove the software run command:

sudo apt remove --autoremove mkvtoolnix mkvtoolnix-gui

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