PyCharm IDE 2017.2.1 Released with Various Fixes


JetBrains PyCharm python IDE got an update by releasing version 2017.2.1 a day ago. The new release brings various bug fixes to Python 3.6, JavaScript, Docker, and more.

Changes in PyCharm IDE 2017.2.1 includes:

  • Docker: Python console volume issue fix, and various other fixes
  • Debugging: concurrency visualization for Python 3.6, and console fixes
  • Inspections: variable type comparison bugs
  • Namespace package resolution bug on remote interpreters
  • JavaScript: Go to Declaration bug fix, and more
  • See more in the release notes

Download / Install PyCharm 2017.2.1:

For Linux, JetBrains offers non-install tarballs available for download at the link below:

Download PyCharm for Linux

You can also install the community version via GetDeb repository, or both community and professional via this third-party PPA.

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