MPV 0.26.0 Released with Universal Windows Plaform (UWP) Support


MPV, an open-source MPlayer and mplayer2 based media player, has reached the 0.26.0 release today with new features, bug-fixes, and various other changes.

Changes in MPV 0.26.0 include:

  • Universal Windows Plaform (UWP) support (libmpv only)
  • Require FFmpeg >= 3.2 for VA-API/VDPAU hardware decoding
  • Disable DVB support by default since it doesn’t work on some old kernels.
  • Built-in V4L TV support is disabled by default.
  • Support for C plugins is now enabled by default
  • OpenGL video output improvements
  • JavaScript scripting support via MuJS.
  • Many more parts of the player are now licensed under LGPL.

Download / Install MPV:

For semi-official builds, source tarball, and third-party packages go to the link below:

MPV Installation

For Ubuntu and derivatives, it refers to Doug McMahon’s PPA though it’s not updated with the 0.26.0 release at the moment of writing.

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