Ubuntu 17.10 Will Switch to GNOME Shell [Release Schedule]

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu 17.10 is code-named “Artful Aardvark”, scheduled for release in October 2017.

As the one before next LTS (Long-Term Support), Ubuntu 17.10 will use GNOME Shell as its default desktop environment. The release schedule for this next Ubuntu development cycle has been published:

Date Ubuntu 17.10 Events
June 29th Alpha 1 (for opt-in flavors)
July 27th Alpha 2 (for opt-in flavors)
August 24th FeatureFreeze
August 31st Beta 1 (for opt-in flavors)
September 28th Final Beta
October 5th Kernel Freeze
October 12th Final Freeze
October 19th Final release of 17.10

via: wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseSchedule

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