How to Install Enlightenment E19 in Ubuntu 15.10/15.04

e19 in Ubuntu 15.04

Quick tutorial shows you how to install the latest STABLE release of Enlightenment E19, the default Desktop Environment for Bodhi Linux,in Ubuntu 15.10 or Ubuntu 15.04.

A PPA repository has been created that contains the stable version of Enlightenment E19 (0.19.9) and EFL. So far, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 12.04 are supported.

To install it, open terminal from the Dash, App Launcher, or via Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut keys. When it opens, run below commands one by one:

1. Add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:niko2040/e19


2. After that, update system cache and install e19 via:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install enlightenment

You may also install rage video player and terminology terminal emulator via:

sudo apt-get install rage terminology

3. If everything installs OK, log out and select log in with session “Enlightenment” and enjoy!


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