Install and Use Privacy Indicator in Ubuntu 15.04


Privacy Indicator is a simple indicator applet on Unity panel system tray area that allows you to quickly change user’s privacy settings and clear caches.

As below picture shows, the indicator allows to enable and/or disable:

  • Amazon search results in the Unity Dash.
  • Record file and application usage.
  • Store HUD usage data.
  • Use Ubuntu GeoIP service.
  • Show current username in panel
  • show desktop shortcuts
  • Use default wallpaper.

It also allows to clear caches of recent files, Zeitgeist log, thumbnail, libdvdcss key (DVD player key), GVFS metadata.


Install Privacy Indicator in Ubuntu 15.04:

Select download the latest .deb packge, so far it’s “indicator-privacy_0.05_all.deb” from the link below:

Download Privacy Indicator DEB

Click open the package with Ubuntu Software Center and finally install the indicator applet. Once installed, start the applet from the Unity Dash. Enjoy!

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