Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 Available for Download

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 was announced last night with a few fixes to 14.04.1, some new features, and some updated packages.

Ubuntu MATE is an Ubuntu flavor uses MATE, the continuation of classic GNOME 2, as its default desktop environment. It’ll be an official Ubuntu flavor when Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is officially released.

Gnome 2 continuation Mate Desktop

NOTE: Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 is not an official Ubuntu flavour, and it will always be an unofficial build!

What’s New in Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2:

  • Updated to Linux Kernel 3.16.0-33, which resolves most of the screen tearing issues experienced in 14.04.1.
  • Updated to Firefox 36
  • Updated to LibreOffice
  • Updated to LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.0 which now includes a MATE logo in the session switcher.
  • Updated MATE specific autostart files and configuration so they do not conflict with other desktop environments.
  • Updated the built-in languages: en es pt bn fr hi ja zh-hans
  • Added LightDM GTK Greeter Settings 1.10. Thanks to Sean M. Davis
  • Fixed sound themes. Thanks to Sergio Schneider of the Ubunt MATE Updated project
  • Fixed auto-login on first boot if auto-login was selected during the install.
  • Enabled X zapping via Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.
  • Enabled touch to click by default for touchpads.
  • Enabled Qt accessibility modules when a MATE session is detected.
  • Backported GTK 2.24.27.
  • Backported Ubiquity compatibility features for MATE from 15.04.
  • Backported Compiz compatibility features for MATE from 15.04.
  • MATE Tweak can be used to live switch between Compiz and Marco, no log out/in required.
  • Backported MATE Tweak from 15.04.
  • Backported MATE Menu from 15.04.
  • Backported the cloudtop meta package from 15.04 which is suitable for remote terminal deployment.
  • All MATE package updates from Debian 8.0 have been synced to Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and 14.10.

Download / Upgrade Ubuntu MATE:

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1 users can install all the updates exclude Kernel 3.16 and LibreOffice 4.4 through Update Manager.

For iso images, go to ubuntu-mate.org/trusty

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