Shotwell 0.27.0 Released with Many New Features

Shotwell Photo Manager

Shotwell, the Gnome photo management software, has reached the new major 0.27.0 release with many new features, bug-fixes, performance improvements and translation updates. What’s New in Shotwell 0.27.0: Remove F-Spot import support A command line utility to test image transformations Speed up color transformations a bit. Bump GTK+ requirement to 3.18 and remove deprecated functions Clean-up histogram drawing code Run ...

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How to Install WPS Office 2016 for Linux in Ubuntu

wps office

A new update of the Kingsoft office suite, WPS 2016 for Linux, was released a few days ago with several new features, performance improvements and various fixes. Why WPS office suite? WPS Office is made up of three primary components: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet. It looks terribly similar to Microsoft Office! And it offers complete compatibility with ...

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PyCharm 2017.1.4 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu


PyCharm 2017.1.4, a new update of the Python IDE developed by JetBrains, was released a few days ago. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 17,04. PyCharm 2017.1.4 features a total of 27 bug-fixes, one new feature, and a few performance improvements. fixed debugger bugs related to IPython and Qt CPU/Memory usage improvements when editing Django ...

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Kid3 Tag Editor 3.5.0 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu

Kid3 audio tag editor

Kid3, the popular open-source audio tag editor, has reached the 3.5.0 release an hour ago. Here’s what’s new and how to install it in Ubuntu via PPA. Besides bug fixes and performance improvements, Kid3 3.5.0 brings new features like marking violations of the ID3v2 standard. It is now possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to user actions. The command line version ...

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Install MuseScore 2.1 via Snap in Ubuntu 16.04 & Higher


MuseScore 2.1, the latest version of the free music composition and notation software, now is available for install via Snap in Ubuntu 16.04 & higher from the beta channel. MuseScore 2.1 was released one month and a half ago. Due to lack of dependency for building it into PPA, it’s only available as AppImage for Linux. For those who are ...

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Firefox 54.0 Released! Now Run The Browser In Multiple Processes


Mozilla Firefox 54.0 was release on this Tuesday. It’s the first release to run Firefox using multiple processes for web page content, making Firefox faster and more stable than ever. Firefox 54.0 Features: Added Burmese (my) locale Added support for multiple content processes (e10s-multi) Simplified the download button and download status panel Various security fixes Moved the mobile bookmarks folder ...

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Neofetch Tells System Information in Command-Line


Neofetch is a command-line interface (CLI) system information tool written in BASH. It displays information about your system next to an image, your OS logo, or any ASCII file of your choice. The main purpose of Neofetch is to be used in screenshots to show other users what OS/Distro you’re running, what Theme/Icons you’re using etc. Difference between Neofetch and ...

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Wireshark 2.2.7 Released with Updated Protocol Support

Wireshark logo

Wireshark, the open-source cross-platform network protocol analyzer, has reached the new stable 2.2.7 release a few days ago. Wireshark 2.2.7 fixed vulnerabilities in the DOF and DHCP dissectors, infinite loop issues in the Bazaar, SoulSeek, DNS, and DICOM dissectors, as well as a memory exhaustion bug in the openSAFETY dissector. Also several crashes in the MSNIP, ROS, RGMP, and IPv6 ...

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Mesa 17.1.2 Available for Install in Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04


The latest Mesa 3D graphics library 17.1.2 was finally made into “Ubuntu-X” team PPA, available for Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 17.04. Mesa 17.1.2 is the second bug fix release for Mesa 17.1 series. It features following bug-fixes: Wayland revert commit breaks non-Vsync fullscreen frame updates Memory leak in Chromium browser. vulkan/tests/block_pool_no_free regression Build failure in GNOME Continuous See more details ...

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How to Install Scribus 1.5.3 in Ubuntu 16.04 via PPA


The latest development of Scribus desktop publishing (DTP) application has reached the 1.5.3 release a few days ago. Since the official scribus PPA still provides the old 1.5.2 release, here’s how to install Scribus 1.5.3 via a third-party PPA. The Scribus Team is very pleased to announce the release of the development version Scribus 1.5.3, which is another major step ...

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