Shotwell 0.27.0 Released with Many New Features

Shotwell Photo Manager
Shotwell, the Gnome photo management software, has reached the new major 0.27.0 release with many new features, bug-fixes, performance improvements and translation updates.

What’s New in Shotwell 0.27.0:

  • Remove F-Spot import support
  • A command line utility to test image transformations
  • Speed up color transformations a bit.
  • Bump GTK+ requirement to 3.18 and remove deprecated functions
  • Clean-up histogram drawing code
  • Run thumbnailer with nice 19
  • Update VAAPI blacklisting for video thumbnailer and new plugin structure
  • Add configurable image background
  • Split several dialogs from shotwell.ui file
  • Move Tumblr to default plugin set
  • Remove some unnecessary memcpys on import
  • Add Meson build support
  • Some more ngettext for plurals
  • Add –fullscreen/-f option for viewer
  • Add option to install Ubuntu apport hook
  • Fix issue when importing to NTFS-backed vboxfs
  • Fix GSettings schema search path for running out-of-tree
  • Work around “Camera locked: -53” error on GNOME
  • Fix issue with missing highlight on dnd actions
Shotwell Photo Manager

How to Install Shotwell 0.27.0 in Ubuntu:

There’s no official Linux binary at the moment of writing besides the source tarball. I’ll update this tutorial once the maintainer updates the Ubuntu packages.

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