How to Install Discord Easily in Ubuntu 16.04 & Higher


Discord, free voice and text chat app for gamers, now is easy to install in Ubuntu 16.04 and higher via Ubuntu Software App.

Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

It was just announced that Discord now is available SNAP app for Linux, so you can easily install it in Ubuntu via following steps:

1. If you have never installed a ‘Snap’ package in Ubuntu, open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for “Terminal” from start menu. When it opens, run command to install the required libraries:

sudo apt install snapd snapd-xdg-open

Type in your password when prompts and hit Enter.


2. Now you can open Ubuntu Software app, search for and install Discord:

discord in software center

or simply run command in terminal:

sudo snap install discord


Like other normal applications, after installed Discord, launch it from Unity Dash / App launcher.

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